Token2 Blog

12.05.17 - TOTPRadius v0.2 Released

- New operating system with hypervisor support built-in the kernel (Ubuntu 17)
- Modified username restrictions (allowing . and 2 characters long usernames)
- User export and import features (CSV format)
- Enhanced the appliance with Web Api- this allows connecting to TOTPRadius from Drupal and Wordpres using existing  plugins
- New Logging/Audit-Features (separate logs shown for each user on web GUI)
- SW and HW Tokens - Test Tool. The tool allows to verify generated OTPs and modify the time-drift values accordingly
- Drift detection tool for hardware tokens. You can enter the OTP generated on the device and the GUI will detect the drift value to be set
- Compatibility with newer Storefront versions (0.1 was not showing QR code with 3.8 and above)
- Buttons to generate random API and Radius secret keys

25.10.16 - WSO2 IS Token2 connector

WSO2 Identity Server now supports Token2 Authenticator as one of its Identity Server Connectors. More info available here.

25.11.15 - Token2 TOTPRadius beta released

We have released a beta version of TOTPRadius, a RADIUS server designed for two-factor authentication.

08.07.15 - Token2 is now offering hardware tokens

Our hardware tokens can be used as a part of cloud based authentication service via Token2 API as well as any in-house or thirdparty servers supporting TOTP standard.

08.06.15 - Token2 plugin published on

Token2 Wordpress plugin has been accepted to official plugins repository on Our plugins is now available on the URL below:

03.06.15 - Drupal plugin

We have successfully tested our Drupal plugin with latest release of Drupal , 7.37.

02.06.15 - Worpdress plugin

We have tested our Worpdress plugin with latest Wordpress release, 4.2.2. Works perfectly fine!

23.06.14 - Beta stage

Today we offically launch Token2, in beta for now. Please note that during beta stage we reserve the right to change both pricing and functionality (e.g. API call syntax). Feel free to contact us to inform about issues discovered or improvements to be proposed.